What they have to say

David really took the time to listen to what we were trying to achieve. He understood the direction we were heading and diligently worked to help get our message across to our viewers. He was also very patient and adapted to his surroundings, working with the elderly in a kind and gentle way. His professionalism and workmanship really come through in the finished product. All in all, it was a wonderful and fun experience.

— Laurie Brouwer
Director of Marketing
RidgeStone Assisted Living

Story & Writing

RidgeStone Assisted Living video from Vision Forge
RidgeStone Assisted Living
Marketing Story
We started with a few, evocative words and phrases that defined their mission, and built a story outline around them. Next came the videography, and then the script, written to fit the images.

Script, director, videographer and editor: Dave Haldiman.

Sterling North documentary from Vision Forge Productions
Sterling North Documentary
Documentary Script
A commissioned documentary about the great children’s author, journalist and critic Sterling North. It can be daunting to write about a writer.

Director, script, videographer and editor: Dave Haldiman.