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I’ve worked with Dave on several video projects on behalf of CSLP, a nationwide organization devoted to creating high-impact and low-cost summer reading programs for public libraries. His true strength is his ability to bring out the latent talents of those who aren’t professional actors and make them shine on-camera. I’m looking forward to working with Dave on next year’s project!

— Rhonda Putney Gould, President
Collaborative Summer Library Program

It doesn’t even seem like advertising. It’s like telling a story.

— Gail Ambrosius

Marketing & Education

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier Marketing Video
Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier
Gail’s wonderful personality highlights the care and inventiveness that go into her delicious chocolates. Director, videographer: Dave Haldiman. Producer, editor: Emily Rumsey, Trilobyte Video Services, Minneapolis.

Director and videographer: Dave Haldiman. Producer and editor: Emily Rumsey of Trilobyte Video Services, Minneapolis. 

Educational video for CSLP
Collaborative Summer Library Program
This is to help librarians learn some sign language to go with a reading program for deaf children. We've been working with CSLP for five years now.

Director, videographer and editor: Dave Haldiman.

We set up a 10x20 green screen in the client’s warehouse, where they thought it was perfectly quiet. The birds mixed into the soundtrack nicely cover the very faint ventilation system hum.

Director, videographer and post-production: Dave Haldiman.

Marketing and Instructional Video for Eprex
This clip is from a longer promotional and instructional video shot in Sydney, Australia. The first woman is a real nurse. The second woman is pushing the needle into a sponge she's holding beneath the frame.

Director and videographer: Dave Haldiman