What they have to say

With the company growing so quickly we wanted to display our expanding services and facilities to clients, and also to show new employees just what Data Dimensions is all about. The script was written in-house. Then we needed the visual flair that would bring it to life. We've been very pleased with this video. And the process of making it was so much fun for the people working here, we had a Hollywood-style premier.

— Mark Bush, Board Chairman
Data Dimensions

The more I watch it the more detail I see. It is truly an incredible video and I am so impressed with your artistry and ideas. You make me look great! Many, many thanks.

— Susan Aquila, Musician

Directing & Camera

Playcore Marketing Video
Directing and Camera
A whole lot of kids, a deluxe backyard play set, and a bright, sunny day (with a couple of HMIs for fill).

Director, videographer and editor: Dave Haldiman.

Data Dimensions
Directing and Camera
What do you do with a script about corporate data solutions? We started from the point of view of the people who design them and use them.

Director, videographer and editor: Dave Haldiman. Production company: Videogenics, Janesville, WI.

Road Crew Camera Clip
Road Crew
Camera Work
An English production company needed an interview shot in Madison, and some b-roll of traffic and bars. Here’s a bit of how they put it together in London.

Videographer: Dave Haldiman. Production company: Straker Films.

Susan Aquila Promo Reel
Susan Aquila Promo Reel
Directing and Camera
Susan’s a dynamic, New York based classical and rock violinist. We had worked together on another project in New Orleans, and then she needed a promo reel.

Director, videographer, editor: Dave Haldiman. Music: Planet Z with Rob Tomaro.

Possum Dixon camera work by Dave Haldiman
Possum Dixon "Crashing Your Planet"
Camera Work
One of Dave Haldiman’s first camera gigs in Los Angeles, after studying cinematography at the American Film Institute. Shot on 16 mm film.

Cinematographer: Dave Haldiman. Director: Rob Schmidt. Editor: Daniel Hodgdon.